Customized Cryostat

We manufacture customized cryostats for various kinds of experiments. and we provide many kind of options and accessories for your cryogenic equipment.

Please consult our manufacturing department for more details. Our cryogenic Specialists will be offering you optimized cryogenic solutions.

Customized cryostats at our manufacturing department include:

- Temperature : mK, 4K, 10K, High temperatures (~700 K)
- Magnetic Field : ~1.5T(Electromagnet), ~9T(Superconducting magnet)
- Customized sample holders
- Specialty: Low vibration, cryostat rotation, milli Kelvin temperature
- Measurement software : I-V, Hall effect, Heat capacity, Optics, MOKE
- Vacuum chambers
- Various jigs

LN2 Cryostat

4K Cryostat

Low vibration Cryostats

Customized sample holder

100mK – 1K Sub Module